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General Questions

How long will it take after the registration so I can send invoices?

Immediately after registering you can send invoices, but please don’t forget that before you send your first invoice you will need to to login to your account, then input your account’s full company and invoicing details. (example: invoicing address, phone, bank account number, etc..).

You will need to confirm your email account before being able to use the system.

Your login details will be sent to your email account after registering and activating your account.

Yes, it is possible to use and upgrade the free trial version to a paid version from your console after logging into your console!

We have a multilingual system and a language list can be found from here

ALL! Yes you read it correctly! You can invoice your customers in any currency that you wish! By Default there are some few currencies activated on your account, you can change that by going into your console and add or modify the currencies and their rate!

Yes, according to our analytics and tests we have done to stress our system, no matter the size of your data, our system is optimized to handle large amount of data simultaneously

Unlimited! With one account you can create unlimited user accounts and login to as many devices as you wish at the same time! We don’t limit the usage based on users or logins!

Data storage and domains

No, you don’t need to have any hosting account or any domain names at all! Just sign up and start using the system right away!

Yes, of-course you can, in order to do that please signup using your own domain name, then after logging into your console go to Settings > Accounts > Host settings. From there you can choose to host your data on our servers or on your own.

We don’t want to just say "yes"! Your data is processed under a Secured Socket Layer or SSL from your web browser to our servers and rest assured our multi locationed data centers are fully secured with firewalls and other tools to make sure our client’s data is secured and backed up regulary.

As long as you are registrered with us and your account is active your data is kept with us.

You can always delete all your data before closing your account, but if you have already closed your account your data will be deleted after a period of time from our servers. please see our privacy policy terms.


You can select any of available payment options during registration or renewals. We offer some specific payment options available for some countries and some other payment options available for others, depending on the country.

Yes, we have 7 days refund policy, (depending on the payment types) refunds can be in full amount.

Yes, we have an account balance top up feature where you can deposit some funds into your account and your monthly fees will be deducted from your balance automatically!

Cash Registers

For cash registers you will need to select a package and just send us your inquiry. we will handle your inquiry and contact you immediately!

Yes of course, You can also choose to use our software only.

Other Questions

Please feel free to contact us and get an answer to your questions!